Why Busy Offices Must Have the PABX System


You should keep in mind that time is money and many of the busy offices out there cannot surely afford to miss, drop or ignore calls of their clients. This is the reason why the PABX system can be very helpful to them. This is one kind of telephone system that is highly specialized and this is able to take so many phone calls at a time and this also comes with so many functions too. There are some systems out there which are able to handle hundreds of phone lines.

A great thing of the PABX is that this can answer the call automatically and have it transferred to the concerned person trough letting the caller press a particular number on the keypad. The call is then transferred or put on hold and some music will be played on the background. At times, advertisement messages of the company are also played. Moreover, there are office functions on the PABX and if the line is not answered, then the caller may leave a message or their contact details.

In the busy offices, the Pabx System UAE systems are really a great thing to have. This is because of the fact that so much productivity is lost when it comes to answering phones, deferring calls and taking messages. Well, you can still get a receptionist but then the front office face of the company will be able to greet your clients. Also, one can help with the front office duties instead of just answering the phone at all times. Perhaps, you could have the receptionist answer the phone and put the calls through to the person concerned.

The other calls can be put on hold until the receptionist is able to answer them. Because of this, you could get a greeting message while the caller is waiting and the receptionist can answer the call if one is ready Also, you may not have a receptionist to answer the phone and you can get the whole process automated. When you do so, then if someone would call your office, then you can have them listen to a recorded message that prompts them to press a button that can lead them to the important department that they require. This is a great solution for those big companies out there. Well, it can be easy for you to see why the PABX is really a great Voip PBX system for the busy companies.


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