Why Businesses Are Turning to PABX Telephone Systems


Any office, small to medium, that uses a switchboard may call for a PABX system or may already have one. First and foremost, PABX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It is a private network of telephone that is used internally in a company. External lines used for making outward telephone calls are shared by users within the PABX system. Such phone system can also connect users to business telephones via the internet and may also connect users to public switched telephone networks or PSTN. Today, advances in PABX technology has brought forth the VoIP PBX. Other may know it as IP PBX. This system uses internet protocol to connect telephone users. Moreover, there are four kinds of PABX systems available: PBX, Hosted or Virtual PBX, IP PBX and Hosted / Virtual IP PBX.

Before deciding on which PABX system is right for your company, you need to which PABX system has the features that will best suits the needs of your company. You have to do extensive research on the services that are available with each system. The research will involve discussing these products with the company that specializes in them. Remember that PBAX systems are designed to allow business to be in control of the in-house communication. With this system, voice calls are not the only feature that is possible but users can be connected to other devices or technology such as computer modems or fax machines that enhance connectivity and communication.

In addition, the virtual PABX System Dubai has become increasingly popular over the years. This system is provided by an internet download and then managed by external services. It is preferred by most businesses because it is easy to set up and it is a low-cost VoIP service option. Moreover, this system can be easily combined with other calling features without raising the expense associated with the use of the service.

Nevertheless, it is important to go with the PABX system that best suits your business regardless the cost. The cost will be worth it if it helps your business grow as it serves the very purpose it is intended for. To help you decide you need to talk to the professionals who specialize in PABX systems. However, try to talk to a couple of PABX system provider and not just one.  Compare their services before decided on which PABX system provided to go for. Remember that you are aiming to get the best telephone solution for your company and that is basically why you want to have an efficient IP Telephony system.


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